Sports Medicine – Injury Management

So when it comes to getting out of pain, guessing should not be the norm.

When it comes to pain, one fact is obvious – pain relief must be personalised.

Sadly, for most people, getting out of pain is a “best guess” type of process. They try “one size fits all” pain relief solutions – from popping pills to over the counter medications and potions, to generic exercise recommendations.

Unfortunately, these approaches are imprecise – not acknowledging your unique requirements.

The truth is that amongst athletes of all types and ages– from ultra-elite to “keyboard athletes” – injuries seem commonplace. A day does not go by that you don’t see or hear someone complaining about aches, pain, or some sort of injury. This usually ends with, “I guess I’m just getting old…”

You may have even experienced this yourself, becoming frustrated and angry because you’ve missed moments, but pain slammed on the brakes – affecting the way you feel about you in your sport, your career, and your life.

Where there is movement, there is life! Our approach is the Brain.

                               Everyone is an Athlete!

Every human body is amazing, individual and unique.

Here are several of the services we provide:

Osteopathic Manipulation – Sports Specific Training-  Orthotic Prescription
Neurological Testing
Gait/Biomechanical Analysis
Functional Evaluation
Maintenance Care
Functional Manual Reaction
Western Acupuncture (Dry Needling)
Myofascial Release
Kinesiotaping/Dynamic Taping/Strapping
Specialized Sports Taping
Exercise Prescription

We are not born with any movement patterns or skills; we have to learn and program our Neuromuscular skeletal system to do everything; from the way we walk, run, jump, dance, lift, play sports & interact with Life. Our bodies were designed to move and function in three dimensional Space; to absorb forces and stress, to adapt and compensate to functional demands. If this starts to break down due to trauma, overuse, musculo skeletal imbalances or inefficiency this will create pain and dysfunction and start to effect our ability to move and enjoy life, and this is all controlled from your brain.

We believe everyone is an athlete. Our aim is to use our experience, expertise and understanding to help educate you about functional performance, reducing injury, and rehabilitating the way you move.

Your body is a three-dimensional, reactive mass of explosive power. Building athleticism requires natural ability with sporting skills and physical attributes (mobility, stability, mostability, balance, recovery, strength, power and fitness).

Human motion is a complex synergy of tri-plane segmental actions performed to accomplish a specific task. The body’s reaction to those segmental motions is necessary for efficient and economical results. To fully assist our patients, health and fitness professionals need to develop strategies that address the problem, not the symptom, which the patient possesses. We do a marvellous treating local Sports Injuries Brighton and Hove addressing the “what,” “when,” and “how” for program design and managing Sports Injuries. For instance, if a patient has a knee problem, our industry inherently thinks that we are going to address the knee problem (what), by doing certain exercises with machines or body weight (how), and will plan this approach in a certain sequence of events (when). However, our industry does not address the “why” of the problem. In order words, if a patient has an injury issue, particularly an overuse problem, the site of the injury is not the problem, it is the symptom. The problem is typically a joint level or two levels above or below the symptom

We must step back and learn how the body moves through a three-dimensional approach and look at movement from a global perspective, not just a local one. When this paradigm is embraced, program design will take an entirely different approach. We will then be creating a truly personalised exercise prescription that addresses the limitations, compensations, and idiosyncrasies of our patients, thus improving performance and helping to prevent injuries occurring. Sports Injuries are common, especially in contact sports where bruises and strains are part and parcel of everyday life. The nature of professional sports is so intense and frantic today that injuries are almost inevitable; to address this, osteopathy has emerged as an important component of the condition process; for example, the number of sport clubs employing an osteopath has increased significantly in recent years. Professional sports players depend on osteopathic treatment as a means of keeping their bodies in optimum physical shape as well as a way to heal or ease existing conditions. Common Sports Injuries include strains and sprains, which affect the tendons, muscles and ligaments as well as swelling, bruising and areas of muscular pain or aching

Osteopathy identifies problems relating to the muscles, bones and tissues; this broad approach helps to identify wider issues which can contribute to localised pain or specific complaints. In sport, osteopathy is often used as a preventive measure in order to keep the body in optimum condition and to reduce the risk of Sports Injury in the futureThe 3DFC team at The Training Pod in Brighton and Hove offers, and is widely known for, our individualised performance conditioning packaged to fit any athletic goal. We have experience in working with pro athletes, olympic medalists and non-professionals covering a variety of sports including: Golf, Premiership Football, Sussex Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Ultra distance Runners, Crossfit competitors, and Professional Performing Artists

Sports Injuries Therapists Brighton and Hove

Unlike many other Sports Injuries Therapists based in Brighton and Hove our evaluation program will factor in your sport, your position in the sport, your teams conditioning demands, your current threshold; then work with you to develop the best holistic program to meet your individual potential.

Our clients tell us how much they have improved in their field and how quickly they have recovered from unresolved injuries that have mentally held them back from going further. We can design a program for anyone regardless of age, gender, skill level, or athletic or fitness goals.