Nike Performance – Athletic Engineering with Troy Bradley

At Nike Golf, they are committed to creating an environment that will inspire and enable the golfer to achieve their athletic potential, and in doing so they established Nike Golf NG360° as a measure of this pursuit. NG360° is a holistic approach to improving golfers’ performance through physical evaluation and training.


Heres Paul Casey Nike Pro. He under went the our functional approach.

Troy Bradley went through the NG360° Functional Performance System (FPS), Powered By Gray Institute, is a component of NG360° designed to assess the function of the human body and implement golf-specific training to enhance the individual’s deficiencies. Nike Golf and the Gray Institute have accredited coaches from the Nike Swoosh Staff, who are golf teaching professionals, and movement specialists, who are physical therapists, trainers and Osteopaths, as NG360° Golf Performance Specialists. Troy Bradley is Accredited NG360 GPS.

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