Heidi Butler – Now International Footballer
Jennifer Nash – Swimmer
Helen Day, Arial Performer

 I was recommended to Troy at 3DFC when my back was in a terrible state; I couldn’t stand up straight. I was in an immense amount of intense pain, and could hardly walk. I had been like that for a week. I was terrified as my livelihood depends on my physicality. I work as a performer, specialising in physical theatre and working in aerial circus. The pain I was in was magnified by my fear of not being able to do what I need to do.

When I arrived at the clinic the first thing Troy did was to reassure me. Without giving me false promises or being patronising, he let me know that things would be ok. Just hearing that was the first step on the road to recovery.

Initially, my treatments were about relieving my pain, encouraging my body to straighten up and begin to move again.  This was done partly through manipulation and partly through a series of exercises Troy showed me – specific to my body and to the condition my back was in. Nothing was generic, and I felt as if I learned something and showed an improvement with each and every session. I was back working in a dance studio within a week of the first session.

Moving forwards, Troy has re-educated me about how to care for my back and maintain my movement. Whilst there is long-lasting damage to my body that cannot be reversed, I now have the knowledge to manage my pain and to keep the strength I need to do my work. I have a much greater understanding of the stresses and strains that my work puts on my body, but also of how to properly prepare for what I do. The positive attitude that Troy has to movement, and to the body’s capacity to heal through movement, is infectious, and stays with me long after I have left a session with him.

Had I not been recommended to Troy and 3DFC I am sure I would not have recovered from my pain anywhere near as quickly as I did. Perhaps more importantly, however, I am sure that I would not have built up the strength to give myself a fighting chance of avoiding being in the same pain again. I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who enjoys movement, needs to move, or quite simply wishes to move without pain.

 Oli Thompson Bsm winner;  Wsm contestant; UFC veteran

I have been to see Troy many times over the last couple of years, whenever I have had any problems as a result of my tough regime, getting ready for big fights. His knowledge is amazing and he has not only helped me solve the problems very quick, but also identified the things I can do to prevent problems reoccurring!

I am blessed to have access to this level of care,

Oli Thompson


“After too many netball seasons scraping through training and matches, injury after injury, multiple physiotherapists never quite fixing me and a knee op, I set Troy at 3DFC Osteopathy and Sports Medicine the challenge of getting me through one more season injury free……9 months later I’ve played my first season at National league, been selected for the England Indoor Netball World Championship squad and feel like an athlete for the first time ever. I have to credit Troy and the guys at The Training Pod for my successes and couldn’t have done it without them. Best season ever and all down to these guys…….thank you!”

Danielle Lewis Collins – England Netball.


“My fitness levels have hit an all-time high since team training with SNC Thunder on a weekly basis at The Training Pod. My game improved due to the fact I was able to gain more court time, had more confidence and because I was fitter, my shooting even seemed to improve!

Injury wise the guys have attended to all my needs. Spraining my ankle 5 weeks out from the play offs was a real scare! Due to the care and individual attention from both the medical and strength and conditioning team I was back playing 3 weeks later. Scoring the winning goal in the dying seconds of the Play Off final in May was the high light of my season. Playing all four of the qualifying games and final over the two days just shows how far I’ve come!”

Sophie Natasha Jackson – Sussex Thunder GA


“The training pod is a godsend of a place. For anyone, like me, that was always wary and conscious of traditional gyms, I’d finally found somewhere that training could be fun and motivational. Within four months of being at the training pod I was lining up on the start line of the Brighton half marathon which I completed in just over two hours. This was all down the training pod and the environment of positive possibilities that they create.”

Ryan Heal (CEO Rockinghorse)